Turning 25

When you turn 25 you will not receive any more support as a care leaver from your Local Authority. This can sometimes be a worrying time for care leavers as they look ahead to that transition.

We hear from young care experienced people about the prospect of losing support, and what their worries and concerns are, as well as people who have already lost their support – either at 25 or often at a younger age, and hear how they managed and what advice they have for others.

Being care experienced does not just stop at 25, so why should the support stop at 25?

— Read Kim’s story
  • I got a text saying 'I have been advised that as you have finished university that the support will cease'

    — Read Isabelle’s story
  • I remember my first flat was a half way house and I remember feeling so alone

    — Read Scarlett’s story
  • It was financially very difficult and without the traditional family setting to get help from “mum and dad”

    — Read Jamie’s story
  • Harry

    I am currently unaware of when the support stops and what the transition period begins

    — Read Harry’s story
  • Elle

    I have my foster family who I know are always available if I need advice and help

    — Read Elle’s story
  • Jasmin

    I know I’m not the only one who has [continued in education] to avoid losing the support

    — Read Jasmin’s story
  • Kim

    Being care experienced does not just stop at 25, so why should the support stop at 25?

    — Read Kim’s story
  • David

    21 is far too young to cut people off and that even by 25 I wasn't quite ready to be alone and self sufficient

    — Read David’s story
  • Louise

    I don't have anyone fighting my corner in regards to getting the right mental health support

    — Read Louise’s story
  • Ben

    I thought it would all be okay in the end-and it was

    — Read Ben’s story
  • Rona

    They had abandoned me at a time when I really could have done with a bit of support

    — Read Rona’s story
  • Danni

    My birthday feels like a countdown to having all of my support cut

    — Read Danni’s story
  • Ahmed

    I'm in a good position and happy with where I am in life, mentally it feels like I've lost part of my support mechanism

    — Read Ahmed’s story
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