The IMO Podcast is back for second series of brand new open and honest conversations with care leavers.

Young people growing up in care often face exclusion, marginalisation, and stigma. In series two we continue to give a voice to the diverse experiences that make up the care population.

Each episode we invite someone who has been in care to talk about anything they like. It’s an opportunity to hear the voices of people who often don’t get the chance to tell their stories in mainstream media, and it’s a chance to inspire and encourage others in similar situations.

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Episode 1 – Louise’s story

Louise chats to us about loneliness and isolation in the care system, the lack of support for care leavers who want to study at postgraduate level, and her experience of building relationships at university.

“What does a care leaver look like? You might look at me and not think of me as your stereotypical looked-after child, but what does that look like and why do you have those preconceptions?”


“[Social isolation] is not something that people speak about, but it’s something that needs speaking about. Particularly for those growing up in care, who don’t necessarily have that experience of making friends, because I couldn’t go to sleepovers, or go to parties, or get in a friend’s parent’s car, unless they were police checked.

“My first year [at university] was really, really tough because I was having to learn how to be this independent woman that I’d never been allowed to be. How do I cook pasta, how do I make a cup of tea, how do I pay my rent, how do I do all these things, as well as how do I make a friend? Because no one teaches you that, you’re just expected to know how to make a friend.”


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