Seven years of separation in care

When you’ve been separated from a sibling, it feels like you’re missing a piece of your heart.   [Siblings Together gave us] the first birthday we’ve ever celebrated together.   Since 2010, Siblings Together have reunited over one thousand siblings. The organisation was founded by Delma Hughes, who was separated in care from her six […]

Changing the way foster carers are recruited

Becoming a foster carer is a life-changing decision and I don’t believe that recruiting foster carers by telling them they could earn up to £500 per week in allowances is the answer. In fact, this is a subliminal message letting prospective carers know that they could make some extra easy cash by simply giving up […]

Conversations with care leavers featuring Debbie Douglas: Fostering through the years

Fostering ambassador and reality TV star Lydia Bright chats with her mum Debbie Douglas, who has been a foster carer for two decades and fostered over 200 children. Debbie reflects on her fostering journey and the relationships she’s built with her foster children, highlighting the importance and benefits of staying in touch with your foster […]

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