National Care Leavers’ Week 2019 is taking place at the end of October.

Our theme this year is future aspirations. Following on from the success of our #dearyoungerme campaign, we’ll be sharing a sneak peak of replies from teens in care and care leavers all over the country to our new #dearfutureme campaign.

Alongside our #dearfutureme campaign, we want to find out what aspirations care leavers have for their future, where they see themselves and what they’d like to achieve as well as shouting about current successes which will help them achieve their ambitions and dreams.

Get involved!

Take part in our #dearfutureme campaign!

We’re asking teens in care and care leavers to write a message to their future selves – Dear future me, and we want to collect responses from as many people with care experience as possible. The messages will remain anonymous and can be anything you want to say, for example sharing career, life, travel, personal and/or other ambitions and aspirations for the future. Or you could use the postcards to offer advice and words of encouragement to your future self.

The campaign is open to individuals, children in care councils, care leaver groups, children’s homes and other organisations who work with teens in care and care leavers in the UK. We can’t wait to share your messages!

Request your postcards for free and take part now!

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