IMO (‘In My Opinion’) has been created in collaboration with the Children’s Commissioner’s Office and care experienced young people to provide a voice for young people in care and care leavers to share advice, experience, and stories with one another.

The site has young people’s voices at its heart, and all of its content, including blogs, vlogs and podcasts, has been created by or developed with input from young people in care, for young people in care.

It also features a promotional section called ‘free stuff’, where we are giving away fantastic freebies and exclusive offers we have worked hard to secure from companies including Merlin, Google and Tastecard. This is both to provide opportunities to care experienced young people, and also to say thank you for any content received and published on the site.

Received a request for free stuff?

If you have received a request from a young person in care or a care leaver, complete our free stuff request form and email it to

We’ll then arrange for the items to be sent to you.

Help us spread the word

We would be grateful if you could share IMO with young people in care, care leavers, social workers, foster carers, etc. in your area and in your network. This is a unique opportunity to give young people with care experience access to great free stuff, and to raise awareness of Children in Care Councils among often difficult-to-reach groups of young people. We are also looking for young people to create content for IMO. The success of this project is very much down to those who use it and contribute to it, and without regular submissions of content it won’t work.

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