Dear foster carer, I like it when you…

  • Are there for me and welcome me as part of your family.
  • Are a good listener and take a real interest in my life, have a sense of humour, smile and have fun with me.
  • Are supportive and when you celebrate my achievements and show me that you are proud of me.
  • Encourage me to learn and understand about my cultural identity and beliefs when helping me to record my life story.
  • Don’t give up or lose faith with me when things are hard. I know we can get through it together.
  • Inspire me to get involved with sport, music and other activities I enjoy. This really helps to build my self-esteem.
  • Keep your promises to be honest, to listen to me and to build my trust in you.
  • Are a good communicator and fight for my rights whilst encouraging me to have a say in decisions that affect me.
  • Provide support so we can learn together as a family.
  • Give me one-on-one time – remember you are important to me!
  • Are able to put yourself in my shoes, whilst remembering to meet my needs.
  • Keep me informed about important decisions that are made about me.


Do you agree? What do you expect from your foster carer? Share your thoughts below! 


About the author
Voices of Care, Coventry. Thanks to the teenagers from Coventry’s Voices of Care children in care council for writing this and allowing us to share it on IMO.
View the original poster here: Coventry Voices of Care – ‘Dear foster carer’ poster