Volunteer Police Cadets: Adventure, community and a CV they’ll salute you for

When we speak to teenagers about the police they sometimes tell us that they don’t trust them. Some kids feel that the police target them unfairly and there is a “them against us” mentality. But teenagers have also told us that they want to see more police out and about to make them feel safer. […]

Dear me

Dear me, In life you will face many barriers but look at these as life lessons and also blessings, for these are what will drive you onto the right path. Don’t get me wrong it will be hard, there will be times where you feel unloved, unwanted and like a burden. You’ll feel as though […]

Quick and delicious budget recipes: Broad bean salad

Eat well for less with our regular series of quick, delicious and wallet-friendly recipes by campaigner, columnist and award-winning food writer Jack Monroe. Broad beans can be bought frozen for around £1.50 for a 750g bag – much cheaper than their fresh counterparts, and no prising them from fiddly little pods either – although I […]

A list of incredible people who were fostered, adopted or in children’s homes, compiled by Lemn Sissay

From top comedians to best-selling authors and from an NHS manager to a Kiss FM presenter, poet Lemn Sissay has compiled this amazingly inspirational list of people from across the UK who were fostered, adopted or spent time in children’s homes. He has met most of them on his travels. They are all incredible people […]

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