Exploring Henry VIII’s wine cellars

The Takeover Challenge puts children and young people into real-life decision-making positions in organisations. Children gain a valuable insight and gain experience of a workplace, while organisations benefit from a fresh perspective on their work. Paige was given the opportunity to take over from Philip Rycroft – Permanent Secretary for Department for the Exit from […]

Why should I join my local Children in Care Council?

Hello! I’m Alison, and I’ve been in care since I was 14 years old. Being labelled as a “care kid” doesn’t sound great. Believe me, I’ve had my share of good and bad days whilst being in foster care, but mostly good days. There are lots of different places where you can get help when […]

Quick and delicious budget recipes: Aubergine and lentil vindaloo

Eat well for less with our regular series of quick, delicious and wallet-friendly recipes by campaigner, columnist and award-winning food writer Jack Monroe. Tonight, after a few weeks of new-veganism, I knocked up this hottie in my little kitchen. (I should rewrite that, but I’m not going to.) I have been working my way through […]

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